Types of onions

Bowa is your partner for red and yellow onions of a very high quality. We specialise in buying and selling both types of onions, processing 50,000 tons of onions (both colours) annually.

Yellow onions

This is the most commonly grown type of onions. It is easy to recognise by its golden skin, while the onion itself is white on the inside. Yellow onions are rich in flavour and can be prepared in many ways. For yellow onions, you are more than welcome to contact our firm. These onions are available in different sizes, according to your specific preferences. Obviously, onions are clean and we have already removed the leaves.

Red onions

The red onion is yet another frequently used type of onion. It comes with a red skin and is also red on the inside. Red onions deliver a more subtle flavour and just like yellow onions, they can be provided by Bowa, regardless of the requested size. Please let us know what you need and rest assured that we will suggest a convenient solution.